Plugin Name : Member Card Printing Abstrack
Original Source from : Jushadi Arman Saz
Modify by : Erwan Setyo Budi
Help Desk : +6285727179417
email :

How to Install :
1. Extract file So, there are 1 folder (membercard), and 4 files
2. See on membercard folder, copy all files into slimsroot/files/membercard
3. copy file member_card_generator_abstrack.php into slimsroot/admin/modules/membership
4. Create submenu, first open file submenu.php on slimsroot/admin/modules/membership
5. Add this code on line number 32, and save it.
$menu[] = array(__(‘Member Card Printing Abstrack’), MWB.’membership/member_card_generator_abstrack.php’, __(‘Print Member Card Abstrack’));
6. Finish.

for the best result you can do this :
1. log in to your slims
2. Click membership menu
3. Choose Member Card Printing Abstrack
4. Click configuration icon, see on right (top)
5. Fill on :
Front Side Image : Kartudepan.png
Back Side Image : kartubelakang.png
Back Header1 Text : Your Library Name
Back Header2 Text Your Library subname
Address : your library website

Source :
Result :